• 01. Tous Seuls
    02. Sur Un Banc
    03. Cloaca
    04. Que Des Fils
    05. Ca Colle A La Peau
    06. Des Chemins Balises
    07. Aerosols
    08. Collecter Les Sons


    Fragments D'eux Memes

    [engl] Baton Rouge is 4/5 of Daitro playing "a kind of indie - noise in the vein of Unwound /Television /Mission Of Burma / Sonic Youth mixed with some emo-rock ala Twelve Hour Turn / Tubers". 4 friends who grew up in the landscape of the Beaujolais vineyard close to Lyon France, between birds and grapes. They learned how to play together being inspired by Sonic Youth, Mudhonney, Nirvana or things like that. This is a new project in the vein of their first love, a kind of indie rock with power chords, arpeggios, clear voices, and tremelo. Same people, different way to play, different music with the feeling to discover everything, as the beginning of learning music even as they had been playing together for a long time. Everybody says that 30 years is a rebirth in people's life, for Baton Rouge, it's an extra time of their friendship, just good time spent together in playing old things, with a lot of common pleasant recollection. "Fragment deux meme" is an 8 piece record where all these influences are suggested closely or remotely connected, as if it was the natural following of their last ten years.
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    [engl] Baton Rouge play great melodic emo rock mixed w/ a raw noisy edge like Unwound meets a little Hot Snakes and Twelve Hour Turn. These 9 new songs are even more catchy then on the one before - so it was

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