• 01. Get Me To Chicago

    02. Window Of Sand

    03. Now Baby, I Love You

    04. It's Your Life (People Get Close To Me)

    05. (The Courtship Of) Priscilla Brown

    06. Rollin' Free Man

    07. Rosemary's Second Child

    08. Sunset Blues

    09.Groovin' An' Dreamin'

    10. Judgement (Look Up And Get Ready)


    Northwest Unreleased Masters, 1967-70

    [engl] Featuring Ray Kennedy and Roger Huycke from legendary garage band The Wilde Knights (of ''Beaver Patrol'' / ''Just Like Me'' fame), King Biscuit Entertainers rocked the Northwest music scene between 1968 and 1971, building up a reputation as one of the better live bands from the Pacific Northwest Ballroom circuit. Along with releasing a bunch of 45s for several local labels, the band recorded lot of stuff at their own state- of- the art home studio which never saw the light of day. This retrospective features a selection from their unreleased tape archive plus rare 45 sides, 1967- 1970, including the fantastic garage- jangle 45 they recorded under the Genesis name. Music ranges from British influenced mod- psych to early hard- rock with stunning guitar and vocals. The raw sound and production brings to mind similar bands like Brain Police.
    EAN 4040824085339

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