• 01. Galdi Galdi
    02. Almanya Aci Vatan
    03. Yigit Muhtaç Olmus Kuru Sogana
    04. Sorsunlar Beni
    05. Ona Dön
    06. Hele Yar
    07. Ayaginda Kundura
    08. Ah Ne Olur Bizim Köyde
    09. Hizir Pasa
    10. Cenderme
    11. Izin Ize Benzemiyor
    12. Kiymayin Efendiler


    Selda (1979)

    [engl] Imagine if Julia Child had marched against Vietnam, stood on the steps of the Pentagon & placed a flower in a gun barrel. Selda Bagcan's later records have that same cross of easygoing motherly warmth & righteous anger. This 1979 album (technically her 4th, although 6 of these songs were also released on her 3rd), was recorded when Turkey was at its most politically polarized. Selda was sentenced to a total of over 500 years in prison right about the time it came out. A pile of acoustic guitars & baglamas all going off at once under a blanket of reverb, with lyrics about blood, wood, mountains, families, and desperate troubles, so it's a thick squirt for a folk album. Selda's voice can either be sultry or really surge with emotion, and when she does belt one, it's oddly high & completely unique. Her reward was the love of Turkey's people, but also 9 trials and 3 prison terms from the right wing military government of the 80s.
    EAN 4040824083908

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