• 01. As times gone
    02. You better move
    03. For a long time
    04. Time (take the time)
    05. I want more
    06. Its you I miss
    07. Black jacket woman
    08. This must be the place
    09. Talking ?bout love
    10. Laughing again
    11. Goodbye my love
    12. Hey little girl
    13. The prism
    14. Toy soldier


    As time's gone

    [engl] Hailing from Florida, The Tropics were one of the finest 60s garage bands. Their memorable concerts are still remembered today by the lucky ones who saw them at the time. Between 1965 and 1969, they recorded some explosive and now legendary 45s which are prime examples of garage- rock, teen- beat, folk- rock and proto- psych sounds. Here you?ll find most of those 45 sides along with some rare, previously unreleased on vinyl tracks. Including the classic ?As times gone? (covered by The Fuzztones) and many more. Remastered sound in mono, insert with detailed liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things) and rare photos.

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