• 01. The Break Of Dawn
    02. Love Isn't Dead
    03. Russian Blues
    04. So Long
    05. Chest Fever
    06. Somebody To Love
    07. Headshop Intro
    08. Hendrix Jam 72
    09. Fire & Rain


    Break of dawn

    [engl] Heavy California Garage Psychedelic!!!!!! Band Story! Unseen Pictures! Faithfully Remastered by Miguel Rodriguez for Superior Sound!!! REMEMBER..this is a FIRST PRESSING..not a Re-Issue!!! Get this soon to be legendary Lp before it is sold out!!!! First time release of an full lp worth of material by this legendary group!!!! Bedpost Oracle started in 1967 in Southern California and released their first 45 “The Break Of Dawn / Love Isn't Dead” as a quartet with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboards on Corby in 1969. In the summer of 1970 the band added a female lead singer to add dynamics to the band's overall sound. This line-up would become the better known Bedpost sound. They continued on playing cover versions of songs groups such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Grand Funk Railroad had popularized. Two more 45s were released including “Somebody To Love / Chest Fever”. Their 45s are on side A. On side B a mind blowing Jimi Hendrix Jam from 1972 is included, where the band is at its peak.

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    Alfalfa males

    Nach einer ausgedehnten Worldtournee zum 25-jährigen Bandjubiläum meldet sich die australische Kultband mit einem neuen Studioalbum zurück. "Alfalfa Males…" ist ein typisches Hard-ons Album ge
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    Schizo and the little girl

    Reissue dieser gesuchten pre- HELDON Single, im Original von 1972. Heavy Fuzz Wah Wah trifft auf Motorhead Vocals. Moment mal ... 1972 gab es doch noch gar kein Motorhead?? Genau! Essentielle Euro Psy
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    Obama is a Cyborg

    [engl] Now, this is a brand new 7" featuring two songs: 'Obama is a cyborg' on side a sounds like a typical Buck Biloxo song and could easily have been on that now legendary LP. B-side track 'Dig
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    Clothes Mountain

    Das Geschwister-Paar Bobby und Heather Hussy, die nun nach vier Jahren Bandgeschichte die Große Ehre haben in die Red Lounge 10´´ Serie einzusteigen. Im schicken und hochwertigen Gatefold gibt'
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    [engl] Jack Oblivian, a Legend of our Generation LIVE with the young and god darn hard hitting Memphis Band the SHEIKS backing him up! Blasting thru hit after hit..a party Platter you don't wanna miss!!!
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    Reverse the curse

    Neues Album und erstes, dass Mr. Crook nicht allein, sondern mit kompletter Band eingezimmert hat. Mit an die Instrumente hat er sich Members von u.a. den Spits, Baseball Furys, Clone Defects, Outer M
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