• 01. Sharp Suited S.O.A.G.
    02. Why You Wanna Do That


    Sharp Suited S.O.A.G.

    [engl] The Teamsters haven't released anything since September 2014, with the exception of a demo on a compilation tape released over in Chicago. Their line-up of drummers changed drastically over the last 18 months, with the likes of Bruce Brand stepping in before leaving in March of this year. That's not to say that the group haven't been recording and writing profusely, they never stop in fact. They declare that they enough for 2 LPs, but their refusal to compromise on the sound they strive for has left them re-recording and mixing dozens of tracks. Intent on making a truly great record. In the meantime they were happy enough to release a couple of tracks for a single on Bachelor Records. The songs are co written by the bands guitarist and bass player Tom and Dan, and we were happy enough to put them out. It marks a departure from their earlier ramshackle days as a trash punk outfit and into the finer details. 'Sharp Suited S.O.A.G' is a mocking portrayal on a man who focuses his life on clothes, where money is no object. The B side 'Why Do You Wanna Do That?' is your standard song of heartbreak, nothing much to elaborate on there, but its new and its exciting. This release is limited to 500 copies, housed in a cardboard disco sleeve (two holes). Artwork done by Tom H. Wing.

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