• 01. The Name Game
    02. Don't Let Go
    03. Kansas City
    04. Shy One
    05. Stardust
    06. The Nitty Gritty
    07. Such A Night
    08. C.C. Rider
    09. I Never Will Forget
    10. Stagger Lee
    11. Whisper To Me Wind
    12. Bring It On Home To Me


    The Name Game

    [engl] A mid 1960s rock'n'soul smasher! Shirly Ellis and her songwriting team went for a colorful album here combining hard hitting rock'n'roll with a slightly softened garage flavor and lush soulful pop. It presents smooth yet striking vocal melodies on nearly ecstatic rhythmical patterns. Dance songs thrown in for the good measure put an emphasize on the groove that shake and rattle your funky bones! Shirley Ellis knows to put words together and sing them in a way that they put fuel to the rhythm fire. The album will certainly appeal to soul aficionados but this goes deeper and further and melts down the borders to beat and rock'n'roll. Despite the singer's age this album felt fresh and youthful which is owed to her timelessly elegant voice that shows class and style even in the more naughty moments. A fantastic gem for certain and a must have for fans of black 60s pop, soul and rock'n'roll.
    EAN 8653106212215

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