• 01. Dejé de Quererte
    02. Volveré a Soñar
    03. No Me Quieres, No
    04. El Chico Que Yo Más Quiero
    05. Ya No Te Guardo Rencor
    06. Todo Pasó
    07. Tu Mal Comportamiento
    08. No Llores Más
    09. Yo Sé Que Tú Me Querías
    10. Buscando Alegría
    11. Serás Mi Luz
    12. Quiero Que Tú Me Beses
    13. Son Las Cosas Del Amor
    14. Eres Fiel A Tus Caprichos.


    No llores más

    [engl] The apparition of Spanish female duo Las Grecas with their Gipsy–Rock sound in the 70s created quite a boom in the Spanish market at the time and paved the way for other similar gipsy–rock duos. Morena y Clara were one of them. Launched by bizarre flamenco producer Lauren Postigo, they released a string of 45s and three LPs (highly sought after now) for the Discophon label. They mixed Rumba, Flamenco, Psychedelic Rock, Funk and Disco Music featuring an amazing production (heavy drums, fuzz–wah–phaser electric guitars, Moog, Hammond) over the wild flamenco female vocals of the duo. Featuring their psychotronic hits like "No llores más", "Dejé de quererte", "Buscando alegría" and more.

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