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    Big Bobby& his nightcapsroll

    After the success of their two monster 45s on the US label BLACK LUNG and their EP on the ''Mighty Apple'', the crusaders of rawk and roll mayhem are now going to conquer the whole planet with their longawaited debut-album ''Big Bobby rocks & his nightcaps roll''. Hailing from Norfolk,Virginia, the band that features ex members of the M-80?S and the CANDY SNATCHERS, recorded 15 brandnew tracks for this album, which can be described best as a wild rockin? rollercoaster ride through the garages of the last four decades. Influenced by the rock?n?roll invasion of the Fifties, the teen-punk spirit of the Sixties and the aggression of the punk-rock of the Seventies, Bobby and his drunken bunch will kick ass and certainly take no prisoners. Just imagine Jerry Lee Lewis and Jeff Conolly?s DMZ would jam with with the CYNICS and got even joined by the SWINGIN?NECKBREAKERS and you know you can expect the hell of a smokin? slab?o?wax.

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    Fourteen prime numbers

    Swingin?? Sixties Mod Beat aus Kanada! Auf alle Fälle was für Fans von den Kaisers!
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    Ambassadors of rock'n'roll

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    Annie get your gnu

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    Hanging out

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