• 01. Dead Dick
    02. Nature Erased
    03. 2X Void
    04. We Lead Them To Our Doors
    05. A Normal Speed
    06. Agronomy Domine
    07. Door Deals & Debt
    08. Silhouettes
    09. Bad Eyes
    10. Our Savage Wit
    11. Bad Omen
    12. They Are Not Like Us


    Beg Your Pardon

    [engl] SAVAK is Sohrab Habibion, Michael Jaworski & Matt Schulz Beg Your Pardon, SAVAK's third release in as many years, follows a compelling progression from their past releases (2016's Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors and 2017's Cut-Ups) -- equally the most punk rock and sublime record in their repertoire. The new album features everything from noisy careeners and '80s hardcore nods to slightly glammy stompers and straight-up, New Zealand-inspired, guitar-pop songs (and that's just in the first 10 minutes of side one). The band recorded and produced Beg Your Pardon themselves in their Gowanus practice space and then handed off the songs to Mikey Young (Royal Headache, Kelley Stoltz), Geoff Sanoff (Nada Surf, Luna), Ed Ackerman (The Jayhawks, John Wesley Harding) and Matthew Barnhart (Superchunk, METZ) to mix.

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    Rotting Teeth in the Horse's Mouth

    [engl] Savak are back with their fourth album, "Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth". The band recorded the album at their Gowanus studio and the record features appearances by Scott McCloud (Girls Against

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