• 01. Trisha Please Come Home
    02. Might of the Moose
    03. Christmas in Dearborn
    04. Pamela
    05. Christmas in Milwaukee
    06. Summon Satan
    07. My Love for You Is like a Puppy Underfoot
    08. The Only Other Girl from Back Home
    09. Nephew in the Wild
    10. Kitty Winn


    Nephew in the Wild

    [engl] Nephew in the Wild is a nostalgic, melancholic & occasionally harrowing collection of lo-fi indie rock & electronic pop. Electric pianos, drum kits, drum machines, autoharps, Omnichords, Optigans, Mellotrons & the occasional guitar lay the foundation for sweetly sad stories about lonely Midwesterners trying to make sense of their troubled pasts. In the world of Nephew in the Wild, the internet hasn’t been invented yet, & a change of address is the only thing a person needs to exit their old life completely. Disappearance, displacement, hell-raising, child-raising, Christmas, Michigan, arson, aging & animals are recurring themes throughout the album. Nephew in the Wild was recorded by Ashworth in his basement in Oak Park, IL.

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