• 01. Stinke Frau
    02. Die Rettung
    03. Mensch, So Schön
    04. Kräne, Schränke



    [engl] Get ready for a new Derby Dolls EP! When I first listened to the rough mixes I was thinking again, yes, that‘s tight! The 4 new songs come with German lyrics and a solid early NDW background, but with an amazing sound! You will love it! I don‘t know when this band had the time to write a new EP, because two of them are playing constantly with Hysterese. Derby Dolls are always the best happy thing between sweet pop and early Neue Deutsche Welle. With this new 4 Song EP they put some more snotty Midwestern Garage influences into their unique sound and they often remind me of Something Fierce, maybe it‘s the excellent bass sound or just the perfect songwriting?! The guitar lines are jangling and aggressive – but not in a testosteron way. And Helens voice is doing the rest. The debut 12“ was sold out in a few months without the Derby Dolls having played one show. You should buy one of these little vinyl jewels and grab your own copy, because this is another unique piece of fine music, combining the power and the pop when it comes to punk.

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    [engl] How weird can we go at the ETT hq? and the answer is - extremely weird, thanks to SET-TOP BOX. Some of the weirdest punk songs I've heard and what should i say? I freakin love it. Crack a drink, p
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