• 01. Hooligans
    02. Neo Waltz
    03. In The Gutter
    04. Can´t Remember Your Name
    05. Clocking Out
    06. Match Day Programme
    07. Wild One
    08. Metal Town
    09. Television Crime
    10. Man In The Pub
    11. Never Been In Love
    12. Clocking In
    13. Negative Place


    Metal Town

    [engl] Adrenaline level does not drop, great guitar riffs, lead singer Shaun powerful soul shouts and and glam rock driving batteries. In the Notthingham punk hall of fame TV CRIME gets the denim corner. With our fave UK album of here and now, a passionate fest of garage punk, power pop and pub rock. The gained cult is justified, or are HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS write REAL KIDS songs yet? TV CRIME can do the trick. It´s THIN LIZZY on STIFF sound cartel, capital letters GOOD TIMES and they kick with leather boots and smash pints with a smile. If SHEER MAG would be wurstels, then TV CRIME are battered sausages. Underdog football stadium anthems, where only the loved ones, rowdy dogs and dinosaurs are watching and the hooks urge you to joyful singalongs. Contains re-recorded version of both their UK singles on STATIC SHOCK and DRUNKEN SAILOR. Vinyl has a inside-out printed sleeve. Mastering by NLBF. First press 400 copies black vinyl, 100 red vinyl, text sheet included. On tour this september, wild times ahead!
    EAN 4260119670990

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    Naive Antlers

    [engl] GLOW KIT has been the best kept garage pop secret in Northern Europe for nearly a decade now. We had a buzzing head about debut single & album on the sadly missed P.Trash Records and instanly put this

    Used to be

    Das 7-Track Debüt-Mini-Album der Japaner von 2011, das es jetzt auch endlich zu uns geschafft hat! Marked Men Jeff Burke war so überzeugt, dass er sogleich deren Debüt Longplayer produzierte! Melod
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    Geometric Boy

    Relativ neue Pariser Powerpop-Band mit ihrer zweiten 7" auf der sich vier großartige so-catchy-it-hurts Nummern tummeln, die irgendwo im musikalischen Dunstkreis von Incredible Kidda Band, Real Kids,
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    Solid brown

    Zweites Album des amerikanischen Dreiers.
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    Landscapes Of Merriment

    [engl] In the meantime, they had a US-Tour with appearances at GONER FEST 13 and a Live at WFMU-set and a follow-up 7" on ALMOST READY. On "Landscapes of Merriment" you get loads of mid-tempo-crushers, solid
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    [engl] Remarkable debut PUNK LP from Perth, Australia which could be filed in the late KBD, early DIY era without gloryifying a fake canon. ZERODENT brushes your teeth with angst-ridden shrapnel-shooting gui
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