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    When Worlds Collide

    [engl] If you are going to begin checking out what grindcore has to offer at this time , EXHALE's newest album When Worlds Collide is a great place to start. The album is fast and heavy with well-crafted songs, excellent musicianship, a perfect mix of screams and death growls and great lyrics. Exhale pays homage to the musical genre that paved the way for grindcore by mixing in solid hardcore grooves and breakdowns. The band also makes use of elements from classic death metal ,deathcore, grindcore and crust giving them a more unique sound than many other grindcore bands. The guitar work is superb and the blast beat drumming is done with both breakneck speed and technical perfection. However, the real star here is the highly featured bass work of Johan Fogelberg. He can move seamlessly from blazingly fast arrangements to slow paced catchy breakdowns. All of this makes an amazing album with a ton of great songs! Throw in NASUM and ROTTEN SOUND and you have fairly strong idea of what Exhale is about. The vinyl issue is housed in a high quality 320 gramm gatefold sleeve!Artwork is done by Dennis Sibeijn!

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    Impact Jahre 1

    [engl] Another classic German punk / hardcore story. First released in 1994 on Impact Records, now released again for the first time, but as a double LP with bonus tracks. Did you hear "The 7th Sign" back th
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    Critical Failure

    [engl] Californias's D-beat kings D.I.S. are at it again, punishing humankind with a lethal dose of frantic crusty DM & grind.Album number 1 showcases a powerful band going for your jugular with an aston
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    We Deserve You Much

    [engl] We Deserve Much Worse, a third full-length album from Finnish extreme grinders DEATHBOUND now first time on vinyl. 20 tracks ( inc. 2 vinyl bonustracks) of really strong and powerfull grind attacks. E
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    [engl] DISSECT with 3 new Crust Core Attacks and LOS REZIOS bring us 4 new raw Hardcore Punk tracks.
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    [engl] the Scandinavian grind cooperation The Swedish COLDWORKER with two new deathgrind attacks and the flipside contains the suomi grind supreme from DEATHBOUND, they recorded 2 exclusive songs. The first
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    Thanks For Your Hostility

    [engl] This is the "Thanks for your hostility" album which came out in 1996 on Morbid Records, now re-pressed on vinyl for the first time, in the original then released as a single LP this re-release now com
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