• 01. Jive Samba
    02. No Parking
    03. Lonely Night
    04. Pick Up The Pieces
    05. Mughead Ska
    06. Golden Horns
    07. Choo Choo Ska
    08. Free For All
    09. Hanging Tree
    10. El Bobo


    Llans Plays It All

    [engl] Miraculously recorded in 1965 when Ska was at its best, this is one of the rarest and killer LP to date. Llans Plays It All is constructed with a Caribbean coast vibe such as Ska, Jazz, Afro, R&B, Soul, Jump Up, Cha Cha Cha to name but a few. However this killer Montegonian band is surprisingly tight, presenting second to none great performances. The album starts with “Jive Samba” by Cannonball Adderley, brilliantly arranged in the Afro-Caribbean Jazz style. Then moving on to some Jamaican R&B, to the featured track of the album “Mughead Ska”, a slightly longer version than the 7” cut (DSR-RN7-01), furthermore there is“Golden Horns”, this is an ultimate selection for all DJ’s and Selectors. Definitely a must-have for the Jamaican music lovers. Legit re-issue! Japan import.
    EAN 5050580621619

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