• 01. TPK
    02. Easy Weapon
    03. Autumn Light
    04. I Don't
    05. I Never Tire
    06. Steel Pigments
    07. Healthy Teeth


    All Safe and Dead

    [engl] After releasing a string of tapes with rotating personal of the industrial scene this reincarnation of the WALKING KORPSES offers a nearly classic orchestration with members whose bands and projects could fill easily two pages of this review. Only it wouldn‘t make you any smarter concerning the sound of the band. Alright mentioning DIÄTS drummer Christian Iffland might give you a hint, just because he‘s a damn good drummer. This is a throbbing post-punk/industrial massacre made by people who know how to butcher. The group around vocalist Jason Honea (SOCIAL UNREST BLABLA) can without hestitation be measured with FLIPPER, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, CHROME, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY and BRAINBOMBS. They sound catchy and plausible just before they put the drill against your head. Like a fat yellow zit, sickening and fascinating at the same time finally leaving you at ease and relieved after it popped with a bang. Highly recommend for anyone who‘s fond of any of the mentioned Bands above craving fresh fodder. ( KH Stille, OX Magazine )

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    Neon / Nazi Schatzi

    [engl] Neon again ? Yes, Neon again, this time as an american press "licence press" co-released with Water Wing Records. Thick cardboard Pocket Sleeve with different Artwork and different innersleeve. Info :
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    Perfektion Ist Sache Der Götter

    Offizielle Nachpressung! Im Original 1981 über Aggressive Rock Produktionen erschienen! Die LP erscheint im fetten 20-seitgen Booklet mit vielen Bildern und Kollagen!
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    [engl] Hardcore Punk band from Berlin

    Züri Punx

    1979 erschien auf Urs Steigers gegründetem Label Another Swiss Label die Punk Hymne "Züri Punx" ("Zyt vom Flower-Power isch verbii/Woodstock isch scheisse gsii...") der Gruppe Sperma. Dieser Song dr
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    [engl] 6 Kraut klassics broadcast from deep out in the spacelab, where the sun don’t shine and noone can hear you scream... so you beep, whizz and chant monotone commands at the control board while the day
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    All Girl Post-Punk aus Berlin! Schön aufgemachte LP im 320 Gramm Cover und Bandphoto im separaten Umschlag! Die Welle großartiger, mitreißender Bands, die sich bei 80´s-New- und Cold-Wave bedienen
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