• 01. First Kiss
    02. Cum Inside
    03. Party Pimple
    04. Alone
    05. Drip
    06. The Stranger
    07. Sean Lim
    08. Bag


    First Kiss

    [engl] You ever spent a Saturday night dripping with sweat and lathered up for wanton destruction? Ready to rage at the drip of a drop, looking for action. Well that is SMUT in a nutshell. They're like that ALL the time. Lucky for us, they scraped together a couple hours to record the music. A late night drug fueled session to be sure. "First Kiss" feels like if Darby Crash could sing on time and his backing band was "Record Collectors..." era POISON IDEA without the stadium anthem tendencies. In other words pure snarling punk that is nastier than an unchecked venereal disease in the summer swelter. 500 copies on white vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with poster and download card included. Tattoos by Alan Dubbs. Art by Sal Hernandez. Recorded by Mike Kriebel.

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