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    [engl] Formed in 2012, the Perth quintet released a string of releases in their formative years, slowly setting themselves aside from the influx of Australian psychedelia through the combination of powerful live performances and genre-spanning sensibilities. Soon they were sharing stages with international heavyweights the likes of Sleep, Thee Oh Sees and Moon Duo. On their 2016 debut, Cosmos Terros, the quintet crystallised their aesthetic ambitions: an enchanting fusion of krautrock rhythms, sun-dappled guitars, haunting vocals and tectonic crescendos, brimming with equal parts menace and melody. The 2017 follow-up, Dust, unfolds like the score for a film yet unwritten, a long form musical homage to the landscapes of the Australia’s Western seaboard. Mt. Mountain would go on to perform Dust in full in concert halls and historic civic spaces, silhouetted by a carefully curated set of visuals depicting the diverse scenery from which the songs draw their inspiration. Golden Rise mark’s the band’s return to the traditional song format, but the powerful connection to landscapes remain. Each of the album’s 10 track feel rich with depth and space, even in the midst of crushing crescendos. It’s appropriate that it, along with Dust, emerged in a rural studio two hours form Perth, where country roads give ways to pastures. But the sublime green views are never far from the vast deserts. That juxtaposition of elements remains the constant throughout Mt. Mountain’s oeuvre, whether the sound emanating from the speakers is a bang or a whisper.
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