• 01. No Hay Paz
    02. Hijos de Perra
    03. Detenidos
    04. Cambios
    05. Odiado
    06. Antiaerreas
    07. Divina Providencia
    08. Es Un Desorden
    09. Todo Es Mierda
    10. Vivire Sin Ti
    11. Unidos/Un Dia En Texas


    Viviendo Una Maldicion

    [engl] It's been nearly five years since Ruleta Rusa released Aqui No Es, their debut LP for Sorry State, but if you think they've slowed, mellowed, or otherwise slipped off their game you are sorely mistaken. If anything, they're harder, faster, and punker on Viviendo Una Maldicion than they were on Aqui No Es, as perfectly exhibited on Viviendo's furious opening track, "No Hay Paz." Elsewhere on the album you get a similar mixture of classic Spanish punk, US hardcore, and second-wave UK punk that you heard on the band's previous releases, but everything feels a little more direct and a little rougher around the edges. Oh, and dig the show-stopping pair of Paralisis Permanente covers that close the album! In a word, Ruleta Rusa have gotten better... the tougher parts are tougher, the catchy parts are catchier, and they've delivered what is (to date, at least) the crowning achievement of their discography.
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