• 01. Burçak Tarlas
    02. Zühtü
    03. Yali Yali (Cay Elinden)
    04. Yaylalar
    05. Seninleyim
    06. Adam Mi Oldun
    07. Ya Smra (Esmerim)
    08. Sofu Baba
    09. Binnaz
    10. Adana Yollar?nda
    11. Sivri Ak?ll?lar


    Yeralti Oyun Havalari

    [engl] Beynelmilân is delivering some funky turkish sound to your ears. A drumbreak in each track, psychedelic vibes and funky groove revisited classic turkish folk songs. If you like 70’s anatolian Rock/Pop, Yeralti Oyun Havalari (Underground Belly Dances) is for you for sure. He recently contributed 2 tracks to the new Arsivplak record ’Mirror’, which is a compilation of turkish disco folk with the typical psychedelic touch. After it was only released on tape finally with the slightly different vinyl version of Yeralti Oyun Havalari, there is a full length LP containing 10 delightful tracks to take you on a trip to the turkoholic mekka of 70’s anatolian psychedelic rock. Beynelmilân knows how to bring some heat to the dancefloor with tunes like ’Adam Mi Oldun’ but also brings you down to a hypnotizing trip with tracks like ’Yaniyorum’ which is topped with some melancholic vocals. Never missing the heavy drum breaks and intense melodies topped with some discoid flavour. Limited edition of 500 copies!

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