• 01. A Teenage Dream
    02. Hey Little Lady
    03. 17/16
    04. Hang The Consequences
    05. What´s This!
    06. A Millionaire
    07. The Art of Making A Living
    08. Rock Cliche
    09. The Daily Commute
    10. Mr Wonderful
    11. Mick´s In
    12. Strong
    13. Share The Hour
    14. Hearn
    15. Alison
    16. Sorry
    17. In This Town
    18. International Times
    19. My Friend Johnnie Walker
    20. Break Down The Barriers
    21. She´s The One
    22. Surreal
    23. Rainy Town
    24. Round And Round
    25. Work It Out
    26. Green Circles
    27. Almost Grown
    28. Ejector Seat
    29. Just Don´t Know


    A Teenage Dream

    [engl] Finally it is ready to hit the streets… A Teenage Dream! This 2nd volume of one of the Mid 80´s premier Mod band from UK comes as a triple LP, featuring unreleased studio recordings and a few hard to get rarities. To summarize: 29 songs, fully re-mastered, 22 of them previously unreleased. Housed in a deluxe gatefold- sleeve including a double sided poster with a stunning band shot & memorabilia, clippings and rounded with a splendid sticker! Strictly limited pressing of 300 copies

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    At The Height Of The Season

    [engl] Here it is! This first of two double LP´s, out on 24th May and called „At The Height Of The Season“, featuring the full live concert from their legendary gig in Retford 1987, plus some bonus song

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    Q, THE

    Chemical Overload

    Neue 4 song EP der Briten auf 12 Zoll. Dabei verwursteln die Jungs End 70er/Anfang 80´s Mod Revival/post-Punk UK und eine Kante 60´s RockPop, der an Bands wie The Damned, The Jam, Gang Of Four und T
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    There Is Always Something

    „There is Always Something“ ist nicht nur ein Albumtitel. Es beschreibt eine einjährige Phase, in der die vier Musiker der Britpop Band THE STUD ihren Weg aus dem musikalischen Treibsand Stuttgar
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    First Impression

    [engl] Finally the repress after the first edition was sold out the same day as it was released: comes with a slight different artwork and this time housed in a super heavy cardboard jacket. Undertones & Bu
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    No name street

    New Mod Revival Sensation aus Berlin. Auf ihrem Debüt spielen die Jungs recht authentisch nach End-70er Jahre Mod-Punk/ Powerpop von der Insel und erinnert an Bands wie The Jam, The Chords oder The S
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    Taste For Life

    [engl] Welcome! Featuring Sasha from THE RIOTS, who had triggered a little storm with their mix of 79 Mod revival style and the Clash sounds. But sometimes, however, things turn out differently. Anyway! New
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    Q, THE

    Sonically sound

    Endlich das Album der Engländer, die mit ihrer EP bereits einen kleinen Hit gelandet hatten. Gitarren angetriebener Pop, thumping Bass Lines und einprägsame Melodien in bester Paul Weller / The Jam/
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