• 01. Blind Faith
    02. Article Two (The Handgun Song)
    03. Depression
    04. Love And War (Alternate Version)
    05. War Was Raging On
    06. Non–Surgical Lobotomy
    07. Breathe In Deep
    08. Paranoid Song
    09. Destitute
    10. Another Day


    Undesirable Element

    [engl] Arriving to the world for the first time, really–beyond the ears of the deep–digging few–Dale Jenkins’ Undesirable Elements, issued privately in the Washington, D.C. area circa 1985, is a homespun effort deserving of the audience and attention it never received upon initial release. Undesirable Elements–here expanded as Undesirable Element with appended bonus tracks–is a desolate and deconstructed album which touches on the subtleties and extremes of the human condition, and the nuances in between, across gnarled bits of proto–punk via abrasive, fuzzed guitars, and refracted mutant strains of British post–punk through a distinctly American underbelly sensibility. Drum–led and in–the–red, Undesirable Elements is a loose concept album of sorts, from the sympathetic pen of an innately skilled commentator. The album displays polemical disdain for the behavior of humans, insular views, and blindly moving forward on simple suggestion, while carrying a keen eye into the many textures of the mindscape of man. While you may hear occasional tears at aiming at the trends of the times, Jenkins’ direct, intensely personal and lyrically sophisticated material, combined with his charged attack, is in a realm all its own. Jenkins’ lyrics are nearly cinematic, like bite–sized scripts, or character vignettes, filled with wizened, introspective and radicalized perspective. The self–contained home–recording maverick was searching, sensitive, subversive, topical, yet several steps from the soapbox. Got Kinda Lost Records is over the moon to allow this unique, outsider singer–songwriter/psych–punk album another turn at its time in the shine...

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