• 01. Dégats
    02. Adieu Sainté
    03. En Equilibre
    04. Parti Des Ombres

    Zone Infinie


    [engl] It’s hard to realize that almost three years have passed since the release of ZONIE INFINIE second full length “Rester et Fuir” as the songs of the band sound timeless. “Dégâts” makes no difference to the very distinctive sense of both melancholy and warmth ZONE INFINIE has built its universe on. The band has no fear of integrating new influences and atmospheres to their punk music. These four new songs are a great testimony of the harsh world the band is living in, still developing a realistic and sometimes poetic everyday life lyrics style. Once again, the artwork has been by the brilliant Yvan Brun.

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    Zone Infinie

    Rester / Fuir


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