• 01. Conscription
    02. Two Faced
    03. Herd The Sheep
    04. Modern Science
    05. Master
    06. Divisive Pleasure
    07. Hunting
    08. State Of Fever
    09. The Cold
    10. Submission Pt.II
    11. Losing Game
    12. Conventional Life
    13. Another Body
    14. Jackboot



    [engl] It's 2021 and Vancouver’s Bootlicker are back with their first full length. Experimenting with various lineups and sounds since 2017, these 14 original tracks flesh out their most realized expression. Following four EP’s and two demos, their self-titled debut stays true to the noise cultivated in the previous offerings. That raw, blown-out production countered with clean guitar sound and Internationally-informed take on a UK82 delivery remains. Everything that made the band what they were on their previous output is polished into a ball of fire that will not be contained. Their mid-tempo, menacing posture of tracks like "Herd The Sheep" and "State Of Fever" give way to the D-beat totality of "Master" or "Two Faced" proving there are still ideas in the tank. There won’t be much left but scorched earth by the time it comes to rest. FFO: Mau Maus, Discharge, SSD. Every copy of this LP comes with a 16 page zine-style lyric insert full of illustrations by band member and visual artist Athena.

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