• 01. R. O. T. C.
    02. Pillar Of Skulls
    03. Back On The Chain Gang
    04. Against The Wall
    05. Sacrifice
    06. Loaded Dice
    07. F. E. V Mutation


    Victims Of Psychick Warfare

    [engl] Born during a full moon and abandoned on the side of Clinton Road, the Acid Casualties were taken to Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey, where they were kept alive on an IV drip of Datura and poppers until they were released at legal age. "They will regret that they let us live" - Pepe Pendejo After spending their disformative years on a steady diet of CULO, POISON IDEA and NEOS, it became only obvious that ACID CASUALTIES would have barfed up this debut, "Victims Of Psychick Warfare" at some point. We're just lucky we were in the right place at the right time to get a bit of the spillage on tape. Like being executed inside the engine of a 747 at 50,000 feet, these 7 tracks push as much air around as anything else. Just below the soaring, hurricane winds are hooks and songs that could have been toyed around by DEEP WOUND. Ever hear that live bootleg of KORO and UNITED MUTATION playing at the same time in a wind tunnel? No? Well it sounds a lot like this. ACID CASUALTIES. For all their negativity, they've still some love in their hearts but it's reserved for Hardcore and skin-tearing speed. These 666 seconds of fury (No really - do the math {and add 1 second}) pair best as a third party, soundtrack replacement for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark finale where all the Nazi's faces melt off and only true believers are saved. Hardcore rules.

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