• 01. Cash 'Em In
    02. Red Signal


    Cash 'Em In

    [engl] The five heroes finally follow up the Steel Box 45 (Goner) with Cash 'Em In. A disgustingly catchy yet charming ode to the lost art of picking up one lucky person and, well, chucking them over a bar. Might as well, right? Sonically, this is still hitting that sweet spot between early UK punk and glam rock n roll, and once you've flipped both sides you'll be getting ready to cash someone in yourself (and don't worry, Cal from The Chisel pops up to provide full instructions). 250 copies on red vinyl and 450 copies on white vinyl housed in a fold out poster sleeve with artwork from Tin Savage, David Strother and Maxime Smadja. Recorded at Chateau Vergogne.

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