• 01. Arkanoid
    02. On The Radio
    03. Obsolete Machine
    04. 28th Century Mate
    05. Video Blog
    06. The Network
    07. Rate Me Rate Me
    08. Dancefloor Queen
    09. Call The Shots
    10. The Voyage


    & the 28th Century Mates

    [engl] Johnny Notebook is back. In tow the 28th Century Mates. Having emerged from the remnants of the bands Dean Dirg, Toyotas, Metric Eyes and Tetallica, the synth-punk duo Johnny Notebook, rooted in Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Madrid, releases all their pent-up energy onto society after almost three years. The result is the energetic, driving sound of the new long player Johnny Notebook and the 28th Century Mates. It is played with the proven mixture of the danceable beats of the Roland TR505 drum composer, the catchy cadences of the PolyKorg800 synthesizer, recurring hooklines and a ruthlessly nasal, but no less melodious voice. Influences from genre gods like Devo, Screamers and Aviador Dro are still the unmistakable foundation of Johnny Notebook. 28th Century Mates is also enriched by repeated Italo-Disco elements, for example in the form of overlaying synthesizer melodies through to shorter keyboard solos, which makes the sound a bit more positive and light-lived than on previous Johnny Notebook releases. Lyrically, many of the songs address the sometimes absurd interactions between digital and analog reality and oscillate between nostalgia, sarcasm and fatalism, without sounding even remotely melancholy
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