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    Harness the power

    Exclusive vinyl version of the Flying Bomb cd release. MHz is a powertrio from Michigan including Andy Claydon (Flying Bomb co-label boss & ex-Monarchs) & Don Blum (Von Bondies) mixing up the best parts of the Ripoff sound with the Amrep sound,inserting healthy doses of garage & even including a couple of choice instro's.Imagine a mix of the Chinese Millionaires & Tar or a noise/punk version of Man or Astroman?.''Wow! Have you ever heard a punk song with a Led Zepplin ''whole lotta love'' style extendo noise part? Mhz has accomplished that in a three minute tune! But don't think that pigeon holes their sound. They take on all sorts of styles,giving each song it's own identity.They tend to deliver punchy, rhythmic riffs with a Nomeansno styled funky bass.Yeah,that Nomeansno influence comes through,as does that of the Minds and the Minutemen.This excellent disc features all their recordings from 2000 and 2001.Get it!'' (HM) Maximumrocknroll

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    Kill me now

    Third release from Belgium's most explosive punkrock band. 13 songs, 12 originals & one Misfits cover. Fast, furious & vicious. In short : rock & roll. First 10 orders will get a free copy of the
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    Year zero

    The farewell album of this Los Angeles punkrockband. If you dug their D.Derby 7'' (& their other releases), you'll find plenty of your liking here, but there's also some more balanced
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    Suggested for nature audiences

    followup to their debutalbum ''it's too late'' which got rave reviews all over.11 tracks,including Bo Diddley & Stooges covers,a bit louder & stronger than their previous material
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    Smokin' rock & roll/punk rock from the rock hotbed of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Clearly not un-DEVIL DOGS influenced, but, unlike 95% of the bands over the course of the last five years who were clear
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    Colossus of destiny

    Rock&Roll supergroup including Andy Shernoff from the Dictators,Keith Streng & Bill Milhizer from the Fleshtones & Paul Johnson of Waxing Poetics. A bit of rootsy-ness, a swig of booziness, and a blas
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    Kiss my wheels

    Second album of Belgium's wildest hot rod surf rock&roll gang, the Mighty Gordinis (ex-Vice Barons), featuring among others their best song yet, 'Mustang Driving Woman' with guestvocals by
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