• 01. Koala
    02. Black Cat
    03. Wild Boar
    04. The Song of the Song Thrush
    05. Squirrel
    06. Panther
    07. Road Song of the Bandar Log
    08. King Frog
    09. Peacock's Deceit
    10. The Trail of the Hedgehog
    11. Racoon
    12. Birdie Hop



    Koala and other Metamorphoses

    [engl] After 2006, when The Noble Folly of rock’n’roll saw the light of day, we all thought that this cd, volume three of the series Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’roll, was Trespassers W’s swansong. Individual members chose their own path and singer Cor Gout intensified his career as a writer of poetry, short stories, essays and (in 2021) a novel. Being the musician that he is, he surrounded some of his books with music: Muziek in zwart wit (Music in black and white) illustrated the interviews with Dutch jazz-musicians from the thirties, forties and fifties with songs, performed bij John and Annelies van Markwijk, Ab Bol, former Trespassers W-drummer Peter Bos and Cor Gout, that had made these old jazz-celebrities famous. His short stories and poems about his home town The Hague were extended with songs, poems and cabaret, performed by John van Markwijk, Peter Bos and Cor Gout under the moniker of Gekruld Haags (Curly Hague).* But blood appeared to be thicker than water, and in 2014 Trespassers W rose from its ashes with the one-sided lp One Sided Love Affair (2014), followed by the 7” Stowaway ep (2016) and the cd Ferrageau, an epic poem written by Cor Gout and put to music by Lukas Simonis and Frans Friederich, which Trespassers W released under the name of Trireem (2020). And, believe it or not, in our awkward corona days they managed to record a new lp/cd – in the Trespassers W-tradition a concept lp/cd –, called Koala and other metamorphoses. Let’s conclude this press release by establishing that since 2006 Trespassers W metamorphosed several times, but in these recreations de band never disappeared. On the contrary: it changed back into the elusive band it always had been.

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