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    Hanging out

    For many, many years we were trying to track down the original album recordings of ''Hanging out'', this real late 80?s teen-punk masterpiece by one of the east-coast?s best kept secrets, THE PROJECTILES and finally we got our sweaty hands on them. This album which was supposed to be released on VOXX, never saw the light of day and this is a real shame as it?s certainly one of the highlights of the 80?s garage revival. THE PROJECTILES came from Rochester, NY, the same little town THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS were hangin? around, trying to teach their neighbours the real meaning of pure rock?n?roll and not unlike the KINGS they were totally devoted to all the mindblowing garage-punk sounds of the 60?s. Some of the members later joined such great bands like 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE, SUSAN & THE SURFTONES and the RIVIERA PLAYBOYS. After two brilliant 45s on JARGON RECORDS they recorded this whole album filled with incredible organ-drenched, fuzz-punk jewels you need to hear to believe it. Their originals could?ve been taken from any of those classic 60?s punk comps. and their well chosen cover versions just simply blow you away in all their authenticity. Their historical importance is unquestioned and that?s why we?re really proud to bring you this long lost nugget of pure 60?s garage brilliance and hope to give back the band at least some of appreciation they really deserve.

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