• 01. Paradise
    02. Mind Scan
    03. Whole Lotta Shakin’
    04. Lemmings


    Whole Lotta Shakin

    [engl] In the early days of punk amidst the gritty pop riffing and cocaine blasted glam holdovers of CBGB, Max’s Kansas City and the like, Negatives sauntered into life as an anti-poser power trio who enjoyed writing music that was anything but pop. Consisting of reconfigured fallout from The Erotics and Inside Out (no, not that Inside Out), they employed a jagged, machine tight, hyped up guitar centric new wave approach to skewer what little public actually saw them with biting tracks about drugging, paranoia, anxiety and the mindless contentment of standard humans. Big city shit… Without much support, they managed to gig for about 6 months or so before disappearing into the hazy annals of the “me decade”. They did manage to track a few songs and release this lone EP that was all but lost until a lucky thumb met a curious eye in a New York record bin. With some help from friends, we were able to rescue this incredible EP from obscurity and we are beyond excited to offer this KBD monster to you now, freshly remastered from the original and finally in a picture sleeve.

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