• 01. Paradise
    02. Mind Scan
    03. Whole Lotta Shakin’
    04. Lemmings


    Champale Wishes And Cadaviar Dreams

    [engl] What started out as an exciting career kick off back in 2019, with the “Fat Skeleton” EP on Iron Lung Records, HOMELESS CADAVER continued to write with the intention of making more records and finally playing a show but the 2020 police had alternate plans for the band. We don’t need to get into the details on that but they’re out now and picking up where they left off. Before the break they had recorded most of these four songs intended for a release on a Southern Californian label (details also withheld here, NDA blah blah blah) but the label didn’t have the patience to deal with the mess so HC was dropped and the world moved on. Well kinda, it was early 2020, so I guess you could say the world moved… in. Anyway, the band finished the songs late last year and sent them to us so here we are, offering stripped down, juvenile thug synth KBD inspired garage stains about hustling, dating and excessive pleasures. Speaking of excessive, at one point during the “Champale Wishes and Cadaviar Dreams” (title of the century if you ask me! -Jensen) completion phase the band did up some deluxe horn and string arrangements to accompany the EP. And then laughed really really hard when they threw them directly in the trash because “that shit sucks” and “what are we Juliards?”. They certainly have a way with words…

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