• 01. No More
    02. Lost Illusion
    03. Bated Breath
    04. Humid Crypt
    05. Sterilized Decay
    06. Sick to Survive
    07. Bastardized
    08. Climb the Ranks
    09. Laughing System
    10. Shit Pit


    Sick to Survive

    [engl] A couple years back here in Richmond, VA, a group known as INVERTEBRATES emerged from the river sludge, dropping an absolutely scorching demo AND promo tape in conjunction with the pulverizing of many a gig audience fortunate enough to witness them. While the INVERTS have stayed the course on the latter, continuing to belt out the hits in the live setting the hardcore punk faithful have been hungry for more, and folks, am I excited to let ya know the wait is over! Featuring a handful of tunes from those aforementioned tapes that many have surely worn out by now, "SICK TO SURVIVE" is ten tracks of perfectly executed "45 RPM on a 12" style hardcore punk" - meaning that while it doesn't overstay it's welcome you will be left with a few sonic rage induced lumps as a reminder of the time spent together. Truly a slab for those who love the genre yet refuse to allot time for any of the extra bullshit that comes in tow with it at this particular point of the dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in. Each record comes in a jacket with a huge fold out newsprint poster and insert, all of which were designed by singer Max Mattoon.

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