• 01. Have Some Shame
    02. Blow-Up
    03. Say Something New For Once
    04. Highway 59
    05. Pomp And Circumstance
    06. Last Chance For Romance
    07. Autocratic Gore
    08. The Crest Of A Wave
    09. Pop Star Salvation"


    Have Some Shame

    [engl] "Don’t Get Lemon is the collaborative artistic work of longtime friends Austin Curtis, Nicholas Ross, and Bryan Walters. After touring the west coast off of their debut album, “Hyper Hollow Heaven”, DGL returned with new singles Autocratic Gore and Blow-Up, including a remix by De Lux. With DGL’s triumphant second album, “Have Some Shame” the art-pop trio have expanded their sound to glittering new heights as they dance between shimmering synth-pop and stomping glam rock. The 9 song 37 minute album, out on à La Carte Records (Soft Kill, Madeline Goldstein, Lesser Care, The True Faith) and Summer Darling Tapes, recorded in rural Texas by Dan Duszynski (Loma / Sub Pop) and mastered by Paul Gold (LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective) revolts against the bored distant gaze of cliché coldwave, and instead retaliates with the warm fiery embrace of what the band dubs “Heatwave.” This heartfelt sound forms an idiosyncratic identity that also wouldn’t be out of place in a classic John Hughes 80s film soundtrack. Singer Austin Curtis’ looks and stage performance sits comfortably between the sensual sway of Elvis Presley and the chameleon fluidity of David Bowie."
    LP clear
    EAN 198026507020

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