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    [engl] There are strange and wonderful things happening in Granada, Spain... Palmar de Troya formed in 2019 when a group of friends from various bands came together with the goal of producing a more personal and experimental sound - a return to their musical roots in 90s post-hardcore, punk, and noise rock, influenced by bands like Hot Snakes, Girls Against Boys, Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, and Refused. In 2019 they recorded a six song EP which was released digitally in Feb 2020, receiving favorable reviews from European press, webzines, radio stations and podcasts. They were rapidly gaining fans and positive attention when the governments of the world shut everything down, crushing the plan to release the EP on vinyl and splintering the band. When the dust cleared and everyone was allowed to return to the "new normal", the band solidified their current line up - - Lucia (vocals, keyboards /Llulaby) - Will (bass) - Salinas (guitar / Maine, Alondra Galopa) - Jose (drums / Apartmentos Acapulco, Verona) - Toto (guitar / Gentemayor, Hand of Fatima, Music Komite) After several concerts during 2022 and 2023 in various cities such as Granada, Málaga, and Madrid, the band recorded their second EP with Rafa Camisón in Estudio 79, where drums and bass were recorded, and then JA Salinas was in charge of recording the rest of the instrumentation at Borderline Music (Granada). Finally it was mixed and mastered by Rafa Camisón in Estudio 79. The front cover image is the work of Álvaro Fernández, with the rest of the layout and design by Reptilian art master Jeremy Zombie. About the name - Palmar de Troya is a little city in the south of Spain where a religious sect called "Palmarianos" was formed in the 1970s. They separated from Catholicism, saying it was too soft. They have their own pope and mysterious monastery, and no one but the tight-lipped members really know what's going on inside of this very dark place...

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