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    HIGHWAY 13

    Been Up To The Devil'S Business

    The long awaited debut album by Pittsburgh??s hottest rockabilly band is here! Mixing rockabilly, psychobilly, blues and rock ??n?? roll, Highway 13 have come up with their own brand of rockabilly that is rooted in the past, yet still sounds fresh. The 16 tracks on this album were recorded live (no overdubs!) in guitarist Woody??s living room capturing the excitement and energy of their live shows which have been raging over the northeast US for the past 2 years. See them when they come to your town!

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    500 Reasons/Drive It Off

    Hard rocking sounds from ex-Necro Barry Henssler and crew. ''Drive It Off'' has a funkier back beat than most of their material and a spacey middle section might take you by surprise,
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    Liverball & Pilsner - Split Single

    Heavy guitar punk sounds from Pilsner on this split 45. Snarling vocals, surefire drumming and super buzzsaw guitars. Liverball??s track, ''Liar,'' falls more into the punk vein with a
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    Out Of Pressure/Remember Me, I'M Gone

    Heavy guitar sound on this 45 that takes the Wizards half way between their garage/punk roots and Motorhead.
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    MR. ZERO

    Voodoo'S Eros

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