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    On my mind / Where to run

    The Nederbietels hail from world's largest portal town: Rotterdam, Holland.They are fine purveyors of raw European beat music and that garagey Nederbiet from Holland. The four Nederbietels are veteran teenagers who have been around in vintage rock'n'roll for two decades. The Herring Fab Four is made up out of (ex-) members of The Perverts, The Apemen and The Ragtime Wranglers. They dress in white provo-style, very hip but certainly not hippie. The sound of The Nederbietels is enriched with the vocal harmonies of The Everly Brothers, the crudeness of Q65 and The Outsiders, the skill of The Easybeats, the humour of The Beatles and the demented authentic wildman stage behaviour of The Who. The Nederbietels can easily compete with the five top beat bands since the day Brian Jones died, as you can hear on their three releases, the 45RPM 7' four song EP Can't You See on their own Klootzak Records, their 7' single Kejje Nagaan on Tear It Up Records and their brand new single released on Screaming Apple Records by their neighbours from the East featuring On My Mind b/w Where To Run. The two new tracks have been recorded in the North Spanish vintage recording studio Circo Perrotti. Where To Run is a killer Nederbiet classic, originally performed by The Haigs. On My Mind is the very first finished song that was written by Dave don Porro since the demise of his former group The Perverts. This 45 is an absolute winner! The Nederbietels have turned into a highly gathered top combo in the transworld sixties garage-beat scene. Their performances at worldwide renowned clubs and festivals like Crossfire! London, Beat Fever - Verona, Margate Modweekender and Primitive! - Rotterdam have fuelled that reputation.

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