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    Teenage suicide

    Finally available on vinyl one of the most powerful bands of the pre-punk era. This album contains all the recordings of these Boston prime-movers. Great, kick ass rock'n'roll influenced by Kiss and MC 5, their sound goes from power-pop to glam-hardrock. This is the definitive collection that include all their hits recorded between 1975-1977 ( such 'Hot for Teacher', 'I Gotta Rock', 'I'm so Excited' and many others ). Essential for all the true rock'n'roll lovers!!!! limited on 500 copies

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    Demos archive- part 3

    This is the first band led by Zack after the split up of the Statics with the help of Karlis (Blow up, Intelligence, Tractor sex fatality, New Fangs,?) and other guys, and it's another winner? thi
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    Style your hair in the way the Moronics like it

    Peter Bagge has drawn the cover for the first, and probably last, album of this Danish band with a 7'' on Kenrock (2 sleeves inside so you can hang one on your wall)? the album contains 10 tra
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    XXX-plode with the sounds of sex, booze and sin!

    It is a collection of their best tracks appeared on 7''s and albums tracks on side A and 8 previoulsy unreleased cuts on side B? 16 tracks with cool covers of Billy Childish, Zero Boys, Dicks
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