• 01. Cheat on me
    02. Do the Dave
    03. Time out
    04. Do you mind at all?
    05. So cruel
    06. Don’t push me around
    07. Let go
    08. Without Love
    09. Don’t believe you no more
    10. It’s cold outside
    11. Tigers of Doom



    [engl] The Tigers of Doom were founded in Berlin in autumn 2003 and since then they left numerous traces of devastation. Damaged eardrums, sprained limbs, holes in livers and stomachs, gaps in the brain – it’s all the Tigers’ fault. And they’re only a duo! But they are noisy like a troop of wild animals. GoGo Gero plays all the rhythms of the jungle on his minimalist drum kit, and his singing stretches from energetic shouting to soulful crooning. And Asphalt Tiger: the high-tensed wires of his guitar are always on the edge of blasting; the sound that he drives through the amplifier terrifies man and animal. Now Sounds of Subterrania will release the first Long player of the Tigers of Doom: eleven songs of dirty Rhythm’n’Blues, Punkrock and Garage. One asks: where does this raw energy come from? Well, the Tigers of Doom were locked away in a recording room for an entire week, and they wanted nothing else than to break out. Their music is an effort to remember their days of freedom, to envision a better world devoid of cages and chains, and to make a sacrifice to there mythical forefathers which they ate up, to magically strengthen their selves. The Oblivians, the Gories, Alex Chilton, Agent Orange, Black Flag and the Sonics – from early time on they were the natural nourishment of these two carnivores. Since their childhood days the Tigers love to play this wild garage punk: GoGo Gero previously together with Ten Buck Fuck, Asphalt Tiger as a member of Metal Disco U.S.A. and Action Team. They’re getting better every day! We can hear it: meanwhile the senses of the Tigers of Doom are dangerously sharpened, and their stringy limbs are of an unbelievable tension. What do the Tigers of Doom believe in? After the apocalypse jungles, savannahs and swamps will spread out everywhere. Collecting fruit, trapping, going fishing, ripping wild animals and eating them at a blazing camp-fire, and party-hardying all night long: thus the days will pass away, and each morning will be new and strange. The Tigers of Doom play the sound of the nearby future this very day.
    LP 180gr

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