• 01. Bitter Man
    02. Blacktop Highway


    Bitter Man

    [engl] This is a fine 7” from L.A.’s own SPEEDBUGGY. After an album release on one of the Bad Religion dude’s “Porterhouse Records”, an album and a mini album on “Cargo Records” and a sold-out 10” on “Man’s Ruin”, we’re proud to present Speedbuggy’s debut 7”. The time is now, so how long do you wanna wait? This is great Country-Punk-Rock’n’Roll, catchy Country-Rawk with a slight “middle-finger-in-the-air-attitude!” … or whatever you wanna call it. “Bitter Man”’s gonna kick any Hillbilly’s ass and “Blacktop Highway” is something for ya shaky lil lady. I would say it’s the right tune for the perfect combination of an ice-cold beer and a damn-hot chick. Just tasty! A soon-to-be-classic! This band is featuring the x-guitarist from NOFX, by the way. And this Lonestar release will have a extra-cool vintage-style artwork on a rough paper to make it a real Original. I can’t say more then I bet you’re gonna love this one

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    Tell The Lie

    [engl] limited on 500 copies.
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