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    Annie get your gnu

    Look out, here come those Wildebeests again with a whole new bunch of tunes to make you the listener perk up and take heed. Whether it be rivvum and bloos, tank pok, instro-mental larkabout, or skewed sick-stays styled beat-noise, these Lairds can KO with the best of them, fuck it, let's make with the fact that The Wildebeests, the band that features (ex)-members of the MILKSHAKES, KAISERS and THANES, can knock any and all others off the blocks anyday, anywhere, and at anytime. After a pile of single, EP and album releases on Norton Records, Sympathy For The Record Industry and Smartguy Records in the US the Wildebeests have returned to Germany and Screaming Apple (who coincidently released their first single way back in 1995) to release this the groups 4th long-player and has taken many a long long while to arrive (often thought to have been lost in the peat bogs deep in the Tripe valley) and for that you have not to thank the efforts of the 3 goons who, heretoforeandthereafter,should be referred to as the artists, but for the efforts of record company blunders and problemos reaching near and far across the desert-scapes of days, nights, weeks, nay months I say, bouncing here and there almost resulting in a veritable record label tennis! The Lairds of the Boss Racket themselves had almost given up hope of this LP ever seeing the needle of a record player... Holy gnu, its years now since the artists first threw this lot of rumbling artefacts onto magnetic tape after at the very least 3 long minutes of rehearsal and preparation. What could be better? Well just listen to the dim simplicity of Lucinda and the untamed beauty of Your Mind to say nothing of the wracked emotion of It Aint Right to get the measure of what these sensitive artists had to wade thru in order to bring their fans a steaming product of damn near perfection.

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    Feel The Pain

    Vier Mal verspielter, ehrlicher und elegant hooliganistic Rhythm'n'Blues-based Beatpunk der seine Inspiration bei Bo, Chuck, Link, Kink, Hoople und dem Titelstück entsprechend The Damned such

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    For many, many years we were trying to track down the original album recordings of ''Hanging out'', this real late 80?s teen-punk masterpiece by one of the east-coast?s best kept secre
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    Love all over again with?

    No idea how Ritchie of Screaming Apple always finds these great bands! This time he got ahold of talented & young Powerpoptrio from Sacramento, home of THE DECIBELS! Armed with Rickenbacker guitars an
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    engl.: Just imagine: a dynamic rock?n?roll band, combining the most captivating elements of the mid-60?s British Invasion and the late 70?s new wave, occupying a really cool DMZ between the WHO, the H
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    Rock'n'Roll kiss

    this is the amazing debut-album by one of the most promising new bands from Japan. Combing traditional power-pop and classic pop-punk, these four youngsters recorded an album full of incredibly catch
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    Nitro ground shakers

    Ready for the next BIG ONE?? Catch the next wave with Sweden?s one and only SLUMBERJACK. Fast?n?catchy surfin? drag-punk in the tradition of bands like PSYCHOTIC YOUTH, DEMONICS and SONIC SURF CITY. T
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