Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us ... (Rorschach)

Perhaps it's just what Rorschach said to Daniel, what fuels us as an independent label. This thought originated Sounds of Subterrania's work as a distribution. To help other labels selling their records, creating networks and to support each other. Now we've got a new tool and I hope it facilitates your work and the process of ordering. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And I'm always open and thankful for any suggestions to improve the new concept.

Hope to hear from you soon!

... and now enjoy the digging!

Neuheiten Singer-/Songwriter/Folk

Neuheiten Soul / Funk / Jazz

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    The Truth Is A Lie (American Soul Music 1955-1972)

    Stunning compilation of great soul songs. The third in a six part series of compilations following a similar logic as Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music - only where Smith covered folk
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    With their first two albums "West End Coast" (2015) and "AM Waves" (2018), Andy Platts and Shawn Lee, better known as Young Gun Silver Fox, formulated a modern version of the classic West Coast and so
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    Hamburg Soul Weekender

    The weekender is a very British thing, particularly combined with that other very British subculture: northern soul. When the first National Soul Weekender took place in Caister in 1979, some ways of
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    Special Night

    Special Night is a masterclass in soul music past and present. Produced by Leon Michels and Thomas Brenneck, and brilliantly performed by the Expressions, Special Night was written, recorded, mixed, a
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    She Sleeps, She Sleeps

    FIRE! ist das schwedische Trio, hinter dem Mats Gustafsson (THE THING), Johan Berthling (TAPE) und Andreas Werliin (WILDBIRDS&PEACEDRUMS) stehen. Ihr Idee: Ein frischer Zugang zu improvisierter Musik
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    First Recordings

    Found in the archives of FMP! The very first - never released - recordings of the SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano Evan Parker - tenor and soprano saxophone Paul Lovens - drums R

Neuheiten Garage / Powerpop

Neuheiten Postpunk / Wave / Noise

Neuheiten World

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    Cumbia is a Latin Americana traditional music form that originates from Colombia and has ever since spread across the whole Spanish speaking sub continent. It blends elements of indigenous South Ameri
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    Ote Maloya 1975-1986

    Die Kompilation "Oté Maloya" setzt die 2016 ebenfalls von Strut herausgebrachte Zusammenstellung "Soul Sok Séga" fort. Denn Maloya und Séga sind beides Genres, die auf Mauritius und La Réunion im

Neuheiten Sixties / Psychedelic

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    Ixthuluh was a pure jam band that never played firmly rehearsed tracks or even foreign cover songs. The band chose not to practise some songs in a rehearsal room to perfect them, rather that everythin

Neuheiten Punk

Neuheiten Indie

Neuheiten Ska / Reggae / Dub

Neuheiten Electronic

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    Sorie Kondi ist etwa 50 Jahre alt, blind und stammt aus Sierra Leone, einem der ärmsten Länder der Welt. Er ist ein Virtuose auf dem landestypischen Instrument Kondi - einem mit Lamellen besetzten H

Neuheiten Hardcore / SXE