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  • 01. All so long ago / I can show you / Dream in my mind / Hold On / Prologue to a magic world / Charles Brown / Flying high / Reflections of Charles Brown / Reflecting / You can?t always get what you want


    Hold On

    [engl] Evolving from The Sweet Feeling, a band who rubbed shoulders with The Beatles and most of the stars of the nascent Swingin? London scene (due to band member Steve Brendell work for Brian Epsteins Nems Enterprises), Ruperts People were the quintessential UK 60s mod- psych band. They had the look, they had many famous friends (Paul McCartney was one of their biggest fans) and a set of terrific tunes. But somehow they never made it big time. On this vinyl compilation (1966- 69), you?ll find most of their legendary 45 sides, from freakbeat / mod- psych anthems - ?Hold On? and ?Dream in my mind? - , to amazing psych pop numbers - the phasing fuelled ?I can show you?, ?Charles Brown? and ?All so long ago? (the later taken from their first 45 under the Sweet Feeling name) - plus delicious flower- power / baroque psychedelia - ?Prologue to a magic world? and ?Reflections of Charles Brown. Some rare recordings have also been included: ?Flying High? is a previously unreleased instrumental taken from a demo acetate, that makes it here on vinyl for the first time. ?Reflecting? and ?You can?t always get what you want? are live tracks recorded in 1969 and show the most progressive sound of the band with long guitar / organ passages. The confusing Ruperts People story (with links to bands like Les Fleur De Lys and The Iveys / Badfinger) is set straight on the extensive liner notes by band member Rod Lynton, included on a 4- page insert along with many unseen pictures. Remastered sound, old- styled backflap sleeve. 180gr vinyl.
    Sixties / Psychedelic
    19,90 EUR

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    Rolled Gold

    [engl] The legendary 1967–68 recordings by UK mod band THE ACTION, registered when they were in transition from mod–beat to full–blown psychedelia, just prior to becoming MIGHTY BABY. Originally record
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    Ode to Quetzalcoatl (US Cover)

    [engl] Since its discovery in the late 90s, Dave Bixby’s legendary $2000 private press album from 1969 is considered by all serious record collectors as the king in the loner/downer folk genre. After being
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    1965 - 1971

    [engl] Previously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych/prog by this amazing Swedish band, 1965-1971!! Tracks like “Third Image” or “Look at the stars” are an incredible find f
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    Kardaslar & Apaslar

    [engl] Cem Karaca was one of the pioneers (if not THE pioneer) blending Western rock music with traditional Turkish folk, giving birth to the succesful and acclaimed Anatolian Rock. This record is his debut
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    Surprise, surprise

    [engl] Limited reissue of the sole album by this mysterious early 70s band from Malaysia. It was featured in the last Hans Pokora ''Collector Dreams'' book, causing a big stir in the psych co
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    [engl] Hard to believe this was part of a Catalan Christmas album back in 1973!!! Psychedelic acid- folk and folk- rock with stunning fuzz- wah guitar, moog and incredible vocal harmonies, revisiting classic
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Zeige alles zum Genre »Sixties / Psychedelic«