• 01. Fragments of a vision
    02. Chant song
    03. A sad song
    04. Motor car madness
    05. The master man
    06. A song for the system
    07. An antisocial multiperson song
    08. Leaves and paper
    09. A gay song
    10. A liberated man
    11. Hallo morning sun
    12. Music of the spheres
    13. The circus keeps on turning


    Either / Or

    First ever reissue of this UK private press masterpiece from 1972. Everyone Involved was a hippie collective formed by well- trained musicians, assembled by Alan Wakeman and Michael Klein (Solid British Hat Band) to record a set of environmental protest songs. Some of the members of this London based recording commune included vocalist Freya Hogue (ex- Sunforest), guitar player Lucinha Turnbull (later with Cilibrinas Do Eden / Rita Lee), and bass player Arnaldo ?Liminha? Filho (Os Mutantes) among others. Either / Or? is a perfectly played and professionally recorded album (something very unusual for a private pressing). Top- notch psychedelic folk- rock / acid- folk with male- female vocals, flute, electric- acoustic guitars, bass, drums and some freaky / weird arrangements- effects. The album is now also famous for including A gay song, which is probably the earliest known example of a pro- open gay song. The original pressing of 1000 copies was never distributed or sold at stores, all the copies were given away for free (even to people passing on the street!). One of the members even buried a large number of them in a time capsule at the Amazonas rainforest! Needless to say, the original album is a highly sought- after artifact since the early days of obscure psych- prog record collecting.
    LP + 7''
    Sixties / Psychedelic
    29,90 EUR

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