• 01. Song From The Very North
    02. Blinkered Man
    03. Staring Face
    04. Waiting To Fall Back Asleep
    05. The Palace Of Twelve Phases
    06. Sitting On A Throne / Wind Is Blowing / A Hedge Of Thorns


    The house at windy corner

    [engl] Formed in Amsterdam in the late 60s, Windy Corner were a psychedelic folk- rock band who rarely played live. Using self- made instruments and amplifiers, they recorded long sessions at their rehearsal space in a cottage. In 1973, they released their first album, ''The House At Windy Corner'', a 100 copies custom pressing on the collectable Deroy label. Underground progressive / psychedelic folk- rock with charming home- made sound and fragile atmosphere. Dreamy vocals, organ, acoustic / electric guitars, bass and drums, similar at times to other obscure lo- fi psych bands like A- Austr or Ithaca, Agincourt... First ever reissue. Remastered sound, original artwork, insert with liner notes and rare photos.''Something of an enigma in the collector's circle, their ambitious and intricate long instrumental passages remind me of the British underground group Sindelfingen and the more understated and meditative improvisations of the San Francisco- bands Mad River (first album) and Grateful Dead (1968- 70). Windy Corner's home recordings were generally quite strange and highly rewarding?'' - Dag Erik Asbjornsen, Scented Gardens Of The Mind
    Sixties / Psychedelic
    19,90 EUR

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