• 01. Oh No, Not My Baby
    02. I Wonder What My Baby's Doing Tonight
    03. Since I Found You
    04. One In A Million
    05. I Want A Guarantee (Alt vocal)
    06. It's Torture
    07. Gotta Find A Way
    08. Let Me Give You My Lovin'
    09. One Step At A Time
    10. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
    11. Little Girl Lost
    12. Baby Cakes
    13. Yesterday's Kisses
    14. It's Gonna Be Alright


    The Best Of The Wand Years

    A stylish vinyl collection of Maxine’s finest Wand recordings, including a trio of 60s soul stompers discovered in the tape vaults in the 80s. Maxine Brown has been popular in the black music world since 1960. ‘All In My Mind’, her hit debut, is cited as one of the first soul records but it was not until she moved to the Wand label in 1963 that her career really took off. Maxine’s golden period included her signature hit ‘Oh No, Not My Baby’ and beautiful ballads such as ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ and ‘Gotta Find A Way’. These are loved in the UK but it was her less familiar, uptempo Wand releases that turned her from an admired artist to a soul goddess on the Northern Soul scene. The hard-to-find ‘One In A Million’ and ‘Let Me Give You My Lovin’’ were played at rare soul dances for many years, attaining classic status on the scene, despite not selling enough to chart in the USA at the time of release. Interestingly, when her run of solo R&B hits dried up Maxine continued to reach the pop charts with ‘One Step At A Time’ and ‘If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody’, illustrating that she had picked up a sizeable white audience. By the 1980s the depth of her catalogue was being appreciated and ‘Yesterday’s Kisses’, ‘Since I Found You’, ‘Little Girl Lost’ and the Van McCoy-penned beauty ‘I Wonder What My Baby’s Doing Tonight’ all gained DJ plays.
    Soul / Funk / Jazz
    19,50 EUR

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