• 01. The Brothers - Part Of The Union
    02. Small Wonder - Ordinary Boy
    03. Ricky Wilde - The Hertfordshire Rock
    04. The Kinks - When Work Is Over
    05. The Sutherland Bros Band - Sailing
    06. Adam Faith - In Your Life
    07. Phil Cordell - Londonderry
    08. Stud Leather - Cut Loose
    09. The Troggs - I'm On Fire
    10. Mike McGear - Kill
    11. Lieutenant Pigeon - And The Fun Goes On
    12. Mungo Jerry - Open Up
    13. Matchbox - Rod
    14. Marty Wilde - She's A Mover
    15. Hawkwind - Urban Guerrilla
    16. Edgar Broughton Band - Homes Fit For Heroes
    17. Bombadil - Breathless
    18. Robin Goodfellow - Why Am I Waiting
    19. Cockney Rebel - What Ruthy Said
    20. Paul Brett - Clocks
    21. The Troll Brothers - You Turn Me On
    22. Climax Chicago - Mole On The Dole
    23. Barracuda - I Feel So Down
    24. Wigan's Ovation - Northern Soul Dancer
    25. Stavely Makepeace - Don't Ride A Paula Pillion
    26. Pheon Bear - War Against War
    27. Roly - Roly Pin
    28. David Essex - Stardust


    Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present Three Day Week - When The Lights Went Out 1972-1975

    Britain wasn’t on its own in having a thoroughly miserable 1973: O Lucky Man! and Badlands both found a great year to premiere; Watergate brought America to a new low. But America didn’t still have back-to-backs and outside bogs. Tens of thousands of Britons were still housed in wartime pre-fabs. The bright new colours of the post-war Festival of Britain and Harold Wilson's talk in the 60s of the “white heat of technology” now seemed very distant as strikes, inflation, and food and oil shortages laid Britain low. What had gone wrong? And what did pop music have to say about it? Many of the year’s biggest acts had set out on their particular journeys in the most idealistic years of the 60s (Yes, Genesis, the Moody Blues) and still held traces of that era’s promise. For acts such as Bowie and Roxy Music who had emerged in the new decade, one way out of the British malaise was to look into the future, embracing modernism and the space age beyond, a world of electric boots and mohair suits. Another was to draw heavily on the revered 50s, retreating to rock’s unsullied roots while remaining ostensibly current – Wizzard, Mott The Hoople and even the Rubettes managed to reshape the 50s to their own ends, much as Springsteen did in the States, although beyond them lay Showaddywaddy, Shakin’ Stevens, and a sickly nosedive into nostalgic yearning.
    Sixties / Psychedelic
    32,00 EUR

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