• 01. Welcome To The Void
    02. Of Dreams
    03. Beggin' Your Pardon (Miss Joan)
    04. Eternity In Between
    05. Purple
    06. She's The Nitetime
    07. Love



    Although “Morgen” has often been called the greatest psychedelic album few people have actually heard, the level of its visibility has rapidly been rising these past several years. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, word has spread about the disc and now that a high quality reissue is available, more folks obviously have the opportunity to own a copy of the rare artifact. Initially released on the Probe label in late 1969, the album was recorded by a New York band named after their lead singer, Steve Morgen, while lead guitarist Murray Shiffrin, rhythm guitarist Barry Stock, bassist Bobby Rizzo and drummer Mike Ratti cemented the group. Shaking with raw and sexual energy, “Morgen” carries the kind of urgency and excitement executed by bands like Love, the Doors and the Rolling Stones. Composed of all original material, the songs, which are dipped in acid-riddled acrylics and animated lyrics, really pull the listener in. Snarling with conviction and purpose, the vocals are utterly intense, where the guitar playing, sizzling with killer diller dynamics, exposes an allegiance to Jimi Hendrix. The whole band is amazingly fantastic, as they lock everything together with sweat dripping from their knitted brows and thunder and lightening crackling from their instruments.

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