• 01. Gertrudis Bonilla y Jimmy Puche -Manuela La Bullanguera
    02. Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná -El Coco de la Vieja
    03. Chencho Trompeta y Los Brujos del Folklore - La Logia
    04. La Marucha -Caso del Vencedor
    05. Julián y su Combo Sabor - Canalete de Charchajo
    06. Los Trovadores del Pacífico - La Tunda
    07. La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal - El Chocoanito
    08. La Contundencia - Patio No
    09. Alfonso Córdoba “El Brujo” y La Banda de Alexis - Caderona
    10. La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal - La Viuda
    11. Gertrudis Bonilla - La Canoa Ranchara
    12. Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná - Sácale Brillo Teresa
    13. Julián y su Combo - Petra
    14. Gertrudis Bonilla - Soy el Currulao
    15. Conjunto Folklórico Los de la Bahía de la Cruz (canta Markitos Micolta) - Cangrejo Pendejo
    16. La Contundencia - Kilele
    17. Gertrudis Bonilla - Parranda a lo Trasnochao
    18. Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná - Boga, Boga Canoero
    19. Buscajá - Llorando Por Amor
    20. Bambazulú - Un Gualí
    21. La Sonora del Pacífico de Cachito Vidal - Pascual Rovira



    The Colombian Pacific coast has always been one of the most forgotten regions of Colombia: ninety percent of the population are of African descent and ten percent indigenous peoples and mestizos. It’s a region of dense tropical rain forest and the second rainiest place on earth. It borders Panama to the north and Ecuador to the south. Most of the population live around the urban centres like Buenaventura, Quibdó, Guapi, Timbiquí and Tumaco. Colonised late, after several failed attempts by the Spanish who were thwarted by the impenetrable jungle and climate of the territory.Two or three centuries of slavery filled the Pacific coast with the most prestigious African dynasties. These men and women brought their musical instruments with them and all their baggage of beautiful melodies and ancestral harmonies which would find new life in the New World.In the department of Chocó in the north Pacific, Afro-descendants reinterpreted the military drums brought in by the colonisers, creating the chirimía style, combining side drums with the sounds of the clarinet and euphonium, a jazz fanfare from the Colombian Pacific. The Pacific coast is home to a wealth of musical styles: apart from the currulao and chirimía, there’s a host of other genres including tamborito, abozao, aguabajo, jota, bunde, torbellino, juga, bambuco, alabaos, chigualos and gualíes and many other we know about or are yet to discover.
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