• 01. Arsen Dedic - Punom parom / 1978
    02. Marijan Kasaj - Ideja / 1975
    03. Thimir Pop Asanovic - Mali crni brat / 1976
    04. Igor Savin - Alfa / 1979
    05. Ipe Ivandic - Dzambo / 1976
    06. Dalibor Brun - Davni zivot / 1976
    07. Plesni orkestar RTZ - Ljetne skice / 1977
    08. Ljupka Dimitrovska - Sta je tu je / 1975
    09. More - Aerodrom / 1974
    10. Zdravko Colic - Mujo kuje konja po mjesecu / 1975
    11. Alfi Kabiljo - Novinar (theme) / 1979
    12. Mladi levi - Zaznamovan / 1969
    13. Oko - Tema IV / 1976
    14. Pro arte - Ko vjecnu tugu nosi taj ima pravo da pjeva / 1970
    15. Rok hotel - Blue jeans / 1978
    16. Durdica Milicevic - Himna suncu / 1972
    17. Soul Sound Band - Ja te uzalud ljubim (Vehicle) / 1971
    18. Kosovski bozuri - Artizane e vogel / 1979
    19. Josipa Lisac - Lezaj od suza / 1974
    20. Ibn Tup - Dogadaj u 'Balkan Expressu' / 1978
    21. Grupa Rok - Dva jarca / 1974


    JUGOTON FUNK vol.1 - A decade of non-aligned beats, soul, disco and jazz 1969-1979

    Yugoslavia - six republics, four decades, one dictator and a single record label that ruled them all: Jugoton (Zagreb, Croatia). Jugoton was by far the country's largest label with the strongest and most diverse output that stretched from Balkan roots to contemporary trends and the sound of tomorrow . The early days of Yugoslavia featured strong censorship but by the end of the 60's the Communist party views softened up by a large degree. Westernized music already had a solid presence and first James Brown influenced compositions were released. Yugo funk, a term coined by DJ’s and crate diggers from the Balkans, encompasses a wide variety of performers and genres: from the 60's merseybeat rock bands, prog rock groovers and big band jazz orchestras to the late 70's sophisticated 4x4 funk and essentially everything in between. Jugoton Funk Vol.1, a first of its kind, celebrates the pioneer years of funk infused music released by Jugoton. While in pursuit of these treasures all over the Balkan region and beyond, the compilation’s selectors, Dr. Sme?i Še?er & Višeslav Laboš, both active as DJ's and crate diggers from the sole beginnings of the ex-Yu craze, wanted to capture the authentic and idiosyncratic funk sound of Jugoton and Yugoslavia.
    Soul / Funk / Jazz
    27,00 EUR
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